With our trade finance you can fund your international trade transactions through fixed rate and fixed term loans. We can offer trade finance for your business in most major currencies.

We place value against your stock. The working capital solution is not an overdraft facility. It’s designed to help you to get the most out of your working capital cycle by giving you the financial breathing space between the cash-out and cash-in process of the cycle.
Our solution manages working capital more effectively so that funding the growth of your business to step up import volumes doesn’t deplete your working capital resources.

Effects Investments is an unbeatable banking partner that fulfills all banking needs in today’s complex & competitive market.
The Trade Finance division in Effects Investments is a key department within the company. The ability to both raise liquidity from our financial partners and mitigate credit and performance exposure of our trading counterparties are key responsibilities or any successful company.
The Trade Finance division has many key partners, including but not limited to, our external Banking & Insurance partners,external counterparties, Traders, Operations, Deals Desk, Tax, Treasury, Credit, Compliance.

Customized solutions for your trade finance needs
Import & export Trade Solutions

Import Trade Solutions

Enhance your credibility with overseas manufacturers and manage your liquidity with a variety of financing solutions.
Import Letters of Credit
Usance Payable at Sight Letters of Credit
Banker’s Acceptances
Import Documentary Collection
Standby Letters of Credit (L/C)

Export Trade Solutions
Expand into new markets, enhance customer confidence, and mitigate payment risk with export trade solutions from Santander.
Export Letters of Credit
Export Documentary Collection
Ex-Im* Bank Working Capital Guarantee Program for pre-export financing
Small Business Administration Export Loan Programs

We help clients mitigate non–payment risk and improve their working capital efficiency. 
Working Capital Solutions

Improve your working capital position, mitigate risks, and conduct cross-border business more securely and efficiently with help from Effects Investment.
Trade Loans to finance your imports and pre-export needs
Standby Letters of Credit (L/C) enhance your promise of payment by making Effects Investments secondarily liable to your creditors or customers
Receivables Discounting
Supply Chain Finance to optimize payment terms with strategic suppliers and reduce working capital needs
Receivables Finance to unlock trapped cash in your receivables while keeping competitive terms with your customers


Blockchain transforming the future of trade finance | HSBC

Competitive Advantage

Whether you are an established exporter or importer—or exploring global opportunities for the first time—Effects Investments LLC can help you strengthen your business relationships around the world. Our international trade financing solutions can help you mitigate risk, optimize working capital, negotiate more favorable terms—and venture across borders with confidence.

The financing of goods

Suppliers often require part of full payment upfront prior to shipping. This is a challenge for businesses who only receive payment from clients much later.

The movement of goods

Businesses require shipping, marine insurance, and forwarding and clearing to land for goods to be delivered. This is often a huge logistical challenge..

Exchange rate risk

Exchange rate may have changed dramatically between the time goods are ordered and when they arrive. This can negatively influence a business’s input costs..

On a daily basis the Trade Finance team performs a number of tasks 
  • The issuance of Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees for the Company’s purchases of crude and oil products and ensuring that both cargoes and storage facilities are financed and insured in a timely manner.
  • Overseeing analysis, monitoring, mitigation and awareness of the Company’s financial risks.
  • Ensuring compliance with storage and commercial contracts in protecting the Company’s interests.
  • Making appropriate finance decisions, including overseeing cost effectiveness, diversity of financing sources, and minimum use of the Company’s own liquidity.
  • Providing guidance to Finance Officers and Traders in difficult or unfamiliar situations.
  • Carrying responsibility for the maintenance of the regional bank lines as well as serving as the Company’s main liaison with our Banking partners.
  • Overseeing that the Company is not exposed to risks associated with the OFAC regulations in force at any time.
  • Working with Deals Desk personnel to ensure any incurred costs agreed by Trade Finance are allocated correctly to the separately maintained deal Profit & Loss accounts.