With two decades of experience in socially responsible investing, we can help you invest based on your values. 

We offer a broad range of services and investment products to help you pursue your unique investment goals.

Effects Investment LLC is an independent financial advisor network dedicated to building strong, enduring relationships with the individuals and organizations we serve. Our knowledgeable and certified advisors assist clients in working toward their investment goals–whether that’s saving for a college fund or developing a strong financial plan for retirement–while at the same time giving them the opportunity to invest in ways that reflect their values.
Choose Effects Investment Asset Management and enjoy our client-focused approach and unique expertise in innovative, socially responsible investing.

Effects Investments’ Asset management is a boutique investment advisory firm offering value equity and fixed income strategies.
Effects Investments’ Asset Management is dedicated to offering stable, diversified investment products in the equity and fixed income markets. Throughout our more than 20 year experience, we remain focused on value investing for institutional investors through the consistent application of our fundamentally-based, disciplined approach to the stock and bond markets. Our wide range of value products allows us to address the specific needs of our broad and sophisticated client base.
We have an unwavering focus on the success of our clients. Our belief is simple: Clients come first. This belief drives everything we do.
We help our clients with a broad range of real estate assets, including direct real estate, non-performing loans and real estate equity investments.
We advise financial institutions, institutional investors and fund managers, providing a unique combination of real estate principal investment, banking, workout and legal experience.

Trust Effects Investments LLC to keep your needs first and foremost.

Prepare a strategic investment plan customized to your needs including retirement planning, education funding, estate planning, insurance and charitable giving
Provide diversified asset allocation* that meets your needs for growth, income and risk tolerance
Apply your personal view and priorities for socially responsible investing
Offer the option to participate in shareholder advocacy campaigns and community investment opportunities

Organizational services:
Collaborate with boards or trustees to develop investment portfolios for retirements plans
Work with fiduciaries to implement investment strategies that are more in line with your organization’s values.

We painstakingly evaluate companies in three critical areas: financial flexibility, management adaptability, and niche dominance.
Investment Philosophy

Effects Investments LLC invests in companies we believe to be financially strong and flexible. It is important to us that these companies not be reliant on capital markets to execute their business plan. We seek financial strength as evidenced by:

  • Internally generated discretionary cash flow
  • Excess working capital
  • Organic revenue growth
    We believe there is no substitute for knowing the management of the companies in which we invest our clients’ assets. It is critical that management be experienced. We visit with management teams and evaluate their facilities on a regular basis. Were they able to maintain their focus on long-term goals while moving through current conditions? In brief, we look for management that is:
  • Experienced
  • Forward thinking
  • Focused on measurable goals
  • Execution oriented
    Our portfolio companies distinguish themselves by the product(s) or service(s) they offer and are at a point in their life cycle when they are not readily recognized or rewarded in the marketplace. The primary competition for these entities is often a division or subsidiary of a large public company or a private company.

By means of this video we give you a quick glance on the asset management services of Effects Investment LLC. We manage our clients assets as if it were our own, always chosing the best option and delivering clear return on investment.

Effects Investments AM’ KEYS TO success.
Competitive Advantage

“Transparency means that our clients know all about our research, methodology and risk allocation before as well as after investing.
Liquidity gives our clients the assurance of knowing that they can move in and out of our funds on a daily basis, and that our investments are closely monitored to satisfy this requirement.”

Our Approach

We rely on proprietary, bottom-up, on-site research to identify companies around the world that are attractively valued and stable.

Independent Thinking

We believe that there is little substitute for critical reasoning, attention to detail, revealing query, hard work, and patience.

People Driven Culture

Our greatest assets are our people, so we believe that excellent execution and a healthy culture are inextricably linked.

Effects Investments AM product range 

Discover Effects Investments product range, which consists in absolute and relative performance strategies. All Effects Investments products offer daily liquidity, long/short strategies as well as active currency management. There are three main criteria for selecting an Effects Investment product:
– The targeted level of risk;
– The investment universe: including or excluding equities;
– The profile: pure absolute return or benchmarked / total return strategies.
Since Effects Investments Asset Management’s creation in 2009, assets under management have significantly increased, especially over the past two years, and are now approaching their maximum capacity level.

Effects Investments has decided to introduce the following changes for Effects Investments Strategies:
• all share classes: introduction of a 5% entry fee payable to the fund. There are no share classes available without a 5% entry fee.
• Class I and N units: introduction of an entry fee of up to 1% paid to the management company. Entry fees will be levied by Effects Investments according to a pre-defined schedule.
• Class R units: introduction of a 5% entry fee payable to the fund for all existing retail units.
• Creation of a new Super Retail (SR) unit class with a new pricing schedule, thus increasing the cost of accessing the funds.