We invest growth capital in extraordinary companies and entrepreneurs that can change the world. 

We seek opportunities where we have confidence in the entrepreneur, are excited by the business concept, and believe there is an attractive investment opportunity.

We enjoy building from the beginning true partnerships with the founders and management teams of our companies, so that we can have maximum impact on their paths to success. This involvement can take many forms beyond capital; we work closely with companies on their business models, implement scale through partnerships, and share our experiences in developing world-class brands.
We help companies take ideas from niche to mass and capitalize on multi-billion dollar market opportunities.

Effects Investment LLC differentiates itself by its entrepreneurial spirit, a strong international network, a true passion for growth and technology, a high flexibility in terms of transaction structures as well as a fast and transparent approach towards decision-making.

We leverage our extensive knowledge of the marketplace, experience in various economic cycles, access to quality private equity managers, and expertise in evaluating managers and investment opportunities to provide our global client-base with thoughtful and dynamic solutions to achieve their investment goals.

It takes talent and passion, not just capital, to build great companies. At Effects Investment, we have collaborated extensively with each company we invest in or acquire, developing an accelerated growth strategy, building a world-class management team, assembling boards of directors to extend the company’s expertise and influence. Moreover, we forge strategic alliances, positioning each company as an innovator in its field, disrupting the normal way of doing business

We aim to invest in a manner that supports sustainable economic and social development, and are conscious of the contribution we make to society.

Effects Investment LLC creates value by (i) acquiring substantial ownership positions in undervalued companies and (ii) working with the boards and management teams of those companies to increase their long-term competitiveness, thereby creating real value for all shareholders and other stakeholders.

Effects Investment LLC generally invests in sound companies that are overlooked, misunderstood, or out-of-favor with investors.
It works in a hands-on and constructive manner to realize value-enhancement potential in operations, corporate strategy/organizational structure, financial management and corporate governance.

Effects Investment LLC manages a concentrated portfolio, holding significant ownership positions in a limited number of companies for lengthy periods. It is typically the largest or second largest owner of its portfolio companies. Consequently Effects Investment LLC maintains a strong commitment to each of its investments.

Investment process

Prior to investing, Effects Investment LLC commits considerable time and resources to develop a deep understanding of prospective portfolio companies’ fundamentals and value-enhancement potential.

Investment decisions are informed by a well-established, rigorous and proprietary fundamental research process, including comprehensive operational, commercial, financial, legal and governance analysis. Such research normally entails several months of intensive work, often on a global basis.

Once it is an owner, Effects Investment LLC works with its portfolio companies to increase their long-term competitiveness, there Effects Investment LLC team members frequently join the boards of portfolio companies, reflecting Effects Investment LLC’s constructive, hands-on and long-term approach


Effects Investment LLC is a company that invests into our own concepts/companies with a diverse portfolio ranging from internet business , real estate/construction, fintech/blockchain projects up to a sports brokerage company. All investments that Effects investment LLC is doing have a huge growth potential and are linked to individual experience in these different markets. This video gives an overview of the companies that we have provided the Seed Capital in order to be prepared for Series A funding.

Competitive Advantage

We invest in “speed-ups” –helping companies take ideas from niche to mass and scale to capitalize on huge market opportunities. We are highly selective – typically investing in only two or three new companies per year. We are very hands-on and a true partner, working relentlessly with management teams, over a long period of time, to help build their businesses.


We invest in people and ideas that can change the world. Our mission is to build disruptive, innovative companies that offer more choice, convenience, and control for both consumers and businesses. We bring a unique approach to investing.

Accelerating value creation

Effects investment is a registered and regulated company with permanent and patient capital with industrial approach focusing on accelerating value creation through direct investments and private equity fund management.

Sustainable growth

Effects Investment LLC’s way of creating value is having a long-term responsible approach to ownership. we invest in good companies in order to achieve sustainable growth, operational excellence and market leadership through active management

Mergers and Acquisitions 

Developing, stable or struggling companies often come to a point of a key strategic decision regarding its future, such as potential merger, acquisition or some kind of corporate restructuring. Such decisions have a strong influence on the company’s fortunes and should be well considered and properly advised with undivided attention to details and possible ramifications. Effects Investment provides comprehensive and independent advice on complex decisions in an uncertain business environment.

Our M&A team provides thorough advice to businesses seeking to enhance performance and value. We offer our knowledge and experience to support our private and public clients during each phase of the business cycle. Our in-depth market understanding and expertise brings a reliable guidance on preparing a business for both sell- and buy-sides of a deal, which is handled with confidentiality, professionalism and in a timely manner.

For clients that find their business in stressful capital or operating structures caused by variable economic conditions or industry trends, we are equipped to offer a full spectrum of recapitalization and transformation ideas. We also provide significant technical and strategic support in high-complexity situations involving financial distress, bankruptcy or turnarounds, generating optimal outcomes for all stakeholders, helping businesses return to profitability and growth.

Over the years, we have gained expertise in a number of sectors such as Construction, Real Estate, Mining, Oil and Gas, Financial services, Telecom, Government sector, Fintech and other major industries.